Convenient service for far-away lands.

For those individuals who have the desire to recycle their electronics, but do not have a certified electronics recycler in their local area, MRC is proud to offer our mail-in recycling program. Sending us your electronics through the mail costs you only your shipping charges. There are no fees from us.

We cannot recycle televisions, monitors, and large appliances through our mail-in program at this time.

Because you must handle all shipping costs, we recommend using this program for small, easy to package items, such as old cell phones, laptops, mp3 players, hand held video game systems, et cetera. While we recommend these types of items, we will accept all kinds of electronics through our mail-in program, granted that you are willing to pay to have them shipped to us.

How It Works

Just call us! Tell us what you want to send our way, and we will let you know where to send it!

For mail-in inquiries, please call (636) 223-0150