MRC Recycling provides to its clients electronics recycling services, Information Technology Asset Disposition, Medical and Lab Asset Disposition, and Data Destruction Services, with the goal of properly diverting electronic waste from the landfill while offering convenient solutions to the ongoing issues of identity theft and environmental liability.

We are registered with the EPA (EPA ID # MOR000538793), are Level 4 Registered by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MO ID # 043500), and hold  R2/RIOS Certification (C2012-02365) through our Park Hills facility only. Annual inspections are completed by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, third party audits are completed by Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc., and quarterly reports are submitted to the Missouri Solid Waste Management District with regards to our procedures, documentation, and end markets for materials.

The proper destruction of hard drives and the information contained on them is an essential service MRC offers. We have four different methods in which we are able to protect our clients’ valuable information. Depending on the requirements of each client, MRC is able to wipe hard drives with data sanitation software compliant with Department of Defense standards, destroy the information on site with portable equipment such as an industrial degausser, hydraulic hole punch, or by shredding with a mobile shred truck. All the tools utilized by MRC are made specifically for the purpose of protecting our clients sensitive data by destroying all of their stored personal information.

Every single hard drive is tracked by serial number. We test the hard drives that have been wiped, degaussed, and shredded internally with recovery software weekly. As an added level of assurance, we have a forensic IT lab test a sample of our wiped, degaussed, and shredded hard drives quarterly.

MRC follows the laws, guidelines, and Best Management Practices (BMPs) put forth by the EPA. We keep our clients from becoming a PRP (Potentially Responsible Party) of any electronic material as well as keep all material from falling into the category of hazardous waste by fully complying with the Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA), Comprehensive Response Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA), Toxic Substance Control Act, Clean Air Act, and the Clean Water Act. MRC does this by keeping all material in what the EPA and DNR consider a “Documented Recycling Loop.” We maintain and document electronic material from the transfer of ownership from your company to MRC and then to the end markets, preventing the electronic material from being considered “hazardous waste.” MRC is also compliant with E-verify law requirements.

MRC follows the mantra of Recycling, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” Based on the requirements of each client, MRC either demanufactures items down to a component level, or finds a home for the item to be reused. Since reuse is the most environmentally friendly form of recycling, we try to reuse items in the form of parts or as a working unit (as long as the client does not require the item be destroyed). Once all recycled material is broken down to a component level, such as steel, aluminum, plastic, lead, etc., it is shipped to an EPA and R2/RIOS approved facility to be shredded and separated further. The raw material is then melted or smelted and recycled back into a new product. Since MRC has a zero landfill policy, none of your material will end up in the landfill. We can provide documentation to show proper data destruction and/or recycling.

MRC Park Hills works extremely hard to maintain their R2/RIOS Certification. What this means to our clients:

More information about our Park Hills Facility.

Data security

All R2 certified recyclers are required to sanitize, purge, or destroy data on all hard drives and data storage devices.

Data destruction processes are reviewed and validated by an independent party periodically.

R2 recyclers are required to have a security program in place that is appropriate for the equipment they handle and the customers they serve.

Environmental practices

R2 defines focus materials, or materials that can pose environmental concern, and outlines how these materials should be managed to ensure environmental and worker safety.

Requires downstream due diligence on all vendors handling focus materials to ensure materials are handled properly throughout the chain of custody.

Prohibits the export of equipment and components containing focus materials to developing countries unless the transaction is legal under both the export and import countries’ laws and the receiving facility is state-of-the-art.

Proper e-waste disposal

All R2 certified electronics recyclers maintain necessary permits, licenses, and pollution insurance as required by state and federal regulations.

R2 requires that all recyclers send materials to licensed and permitted facilities.

Rigorous shipping and material tracking systems are employed by all R2 certified recyclers.


R2 requires that all recyclers obtain at least a 1 Million dollar pollution insurance policy. (MRC has a $2 million policy, twice the required amount) COI available upon request.

MRC is in excellent standing with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, St. Louis-Jefferson Solid Waste Management District, Southeast Solid Waste Management District, St. Louis County Health Department, Meramec Regional Planning Commission, universities, schools, municipalities, and businesses all over Missouri. With their full support, MRC manages over 100 community recycling events a year.

Listed below are past and current projects and organizations for which MRC provides recycling services:

  • Joplin Tornado Disaster Area Cleanup: We worked with the EPA and recycled everything with a cord or battery that was able to be extracted from the carnage (over 312,000 lbs).

  • North Dakota Flood Disaster Area: Over 200,000 lbs of material diverted from the landfill by MRC on this project.

  • Manage over 100 schools’ electronic material in the State of Missouri.

  • Manage over 100 community recycling events annually with the support of the Solid Waste Management District and St. Louis County Health Department.

  • Official electronics recycler of St. Louis Earth Day event! (Largest in Midwest)

  • Recycled every electronic item, robot controller, air conditioner, water fountain, lead and rechargeable battery, non-PCB ballast, and more from the two million square foot Chrysler plant demolished in Fenton, MO.

  • Recycle all obsolete electronics from the State of Missouri Surplus, as well as manage events with the Missouri State Recycling Program.

  • Decommissions and provides Freon removal on lab and testing equipment, as well as recovers Freon for the Meramec Regional Planning Commission, St. Louis University, and Southeast Missouri State University.

Thank you for your interest in MRC Recycling.

We look forward to working with you to enhance your current recycling efforts in the most cost effective way possible.