Protecting your sensitive data should always be our top priority.

Once your computer network reaches its end of life and becomes obsolete, and your aged hard drives are no longer needed, it is important to dispose of them in a fashion which prevents any possibility of data mining by nefarious individuals who’s aim might be identity theft, or something worse.

MRC utilizes the SITES Model MMD-1000HS High Security, NSA Evaluated Pulse Degausser to ensure complete erasure of sensitive data:
SITES MMD-1000HS High Security, NSA Evaluated Pulse Degausser:  This is a highly capable and robust degausser that produces a maximum demagnetizing field (coercive force) of greater than 20,000 Gauss, which is many times above the field required to demagnetize the highest density hard disks as of today and the near future.

We offer hard drive destruction at our facility to ensure your personal and business information is forever unrecoverable, and provide certificates of destruction upon request. You can even come in and watch us do it.

Call MRC for details: (636) 223-0150