For businesses and individuals who have the desire to recycle their electronics, but do not have a certified electronics recycler in their local area, MRC is proud to offer our Recycle by Mail program. MRC Electronics Recycling is centrally located in the United States, which keeps shipping costs low from anywhere in the country.

This can be especially helpful for businesses with clients leasing equipment when it comes time for their upgrade or equipment change-out. Rather than issuing an RMA for your customer to return their used equipment to your warehouse for proper disposition, simply send the equipment straight to us for final recycling. No contracts. No fuss. Just an efficient recycling solution for your business and clients.

We cannot recycle televisions, monitors, and large appliances through our mail-in program.

How It Works

Just call us! Tell us what you want to send our way, and we can work out the details on a per client basis.

MRC Recycling Home Office: (636) 223-0150.