MRC Recycling provides Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) for Enterprise customers seeking to properly recycle end of life assets while protecting themselves from potential liability arising from environmental, data breech, or identity theft issues.  As a recycler with core competencies in both end-of-life electronics recycling and logistics management, MRC Recycling provides a intelligent, cost effective solution for Enterprises.  With Centralized locations in Missouri, MRC Recycling is within one day and a half of all US metropolitan markets we serve.  We currently accept material from contiguous 48 states and Canada, and only process material here in the US, with no export to non-OECD countries.  MRC Recycling can create a customized Enterprise recycling solution for your company while showing savings and building value.  We understand that Enterprises have specific requirements regarding data security, brand protection, proprietary data, compliance, and reporting that must integrate with existing systems.  We work with supply chain professionals to create a sustainable recycling solution and build long term relationships throughout all business and industry.

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