Business & Industrial Recycling

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MRC can help your business recycle safely, responsibly, and affordably. Services such as recycling pickups, product destruction and recycling, medical & lab equipment recycling, restaurant equipment recycling, bulk electronics purchasingdata destruction, and recycle by mail can keep your business green, secure, and efficient.

Data Destruction & Shredding

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MRC understands data destruction is of paramount importance to you. Our on-site hard drive shredding guarantees all information will never be recoverable from your end-of-life storage media. Protect your clients, protect your business, and have peace of mind. Shredded drives are 100% recycled at MRC's Park Hills R2 certified facility.



Medical & Lab Recycling

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MRC has experienced staff in the medical and lab equipment industry. Our staff can assess your older or obsolete equipment and offer solutions to properly recycle that equipment. In many cases MRC will even pay for that equipment. With MRC you have the opportunity to turn a negative value sector of your business into a profit center.

Community Electronics Recycling

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MRC is your premiere destination when it comes to community & residential recycling in Missouri, Illinois, and the surrounding areas. We can help you safely dispose of your electronics, computers, cell phones, and other equipment. MRC's facilities are conveniently located centrally in the United States, and staffed with friendly personnel that can help you with any of your recycling needs. In addition, we regularly hold community recycling events which are open to the public to drop off their unwanted electronics and appliances for recycling.